Hardly anyone masters the translation of photography into painting as gallantly as Max Diel. His works are often based on a touch of melancholy. What melancholy means to him and why he can’t and won’t be assigned to any specific style, you can find out in our interview.

You often translate photographs into painting. What characteristics does a photograph have to have for you to paint it?

In general, I can’t say that a…

The designer duo Sagmeister & Walsh dedicates an exhibition at the MAK in Vienna to the subject of beauty and why it is necessary for a functional…

Armin Baumgarten succeeds in capturing the majesty of the fundamental. Not only through their pastiness his works appear lively and romantic at the…

Rainer Gross was born in Cologne, Germany in 1951. He has lived and worked in New York City and shown his work internationally for over 40 years.

Many followers of contemporary art are dreaming about earning money with their passion for art.

A brilliant mind with an outstanding gift to make you aware of things!

If creativity is the human’s USP, we should cherish it!

If creativity is the key differentiator, I want more of that!

A question that can be easily answered or reflected upon

A philosophical question answered by a simple guy in a simple manner


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