Dare to Invest!

Many followers of contemporary art are dreaming about earning money with their passion for art.

But even with a high affinity for the art industry many do not dare to invest because of the market’s lack of transparency. Unjustly! Art can be a stable and rewarding investment – especially in the long term.

Why you should invest in art

One of the most beautiful aspects of art is that it is emotionally rewarding, but at the same time it can be financially rewarding as well. Art changes how we perceive rooms, increases our quality of life and shows our level of cultivation. This makes it an investment that is endowing an added value. All this is potentially outperforming its financial value.

Barriers you can find

####Bild2#### Art as an investment form requires a more intense engagement than other investment types such as shares. Since the market seems to be quite non-transparent, potential buyers have to earn some knowledge before by visiting galleries, reading art magazines and actively connecting with art lovers, collectors and artists themselves. Even though this way is a solid one it costs interested parties some time.

Smart-Collectors makes your entry into the art world easy

To ease your way into your first own art collection we created a scoring modell. Our scoring gives you a brief indication to understand how well your favorite artist is prepared to develop his or her potential. We ask us nine questions in three categories. Artists can reach up to 90 points with this scoring. The scoring is dynamic and will be adjusted to the performance of the artist.  

In the end you decide, but keep in mind: Buy art you love, this will profit you the most! Smart-collectors is supporting you on the way to your own art collection.


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