Robert Weber

„I am particularly interested in mysticism in painting. Painting is like meditation.“

Born in Jena in 1964, the painter Robert Weber moved to West Berlin in 1985 and studied painting at the Hochschule der Künste in Berlin from 1986 to 1993. In 1993 he finished his studies as a master student of Prof. Walter Stöhrer. A focal point of his painting are works on a gold ground, reminiscent of icon painting, painted over with bright colors in expressive commission. Robert Weber lives and works in Berlin. Profile picture by Frank Wegener.

We wanted to get a deeper insight into sources of inspiration and working methods and asked some questions:


When did you start working as an artist?

Basically one paints from childhood on. I´ve always painted - I haven´t learned anything else. Since my studies at the HDK Berlin in the 90s I have also earned my money with it.

Who and what inspires you?

I am especially interested in mysticism, which is cross-religious and represents the core of faith. There is a Muslim mysticism among the Sufis, a Hindu, a Buddhist and a Christian mysticism. This is what really inspires me and I hope that this mysticism can be found in my work and my paintings. The best thing about painting is not to think at all. Painting is like meditation: you should paint and not think.

Does this mean you are religious?

The church today is actually a pure institution and in my opinion has little or nothing to do with the true faith of early Christianity. I am probably a believer to a certain degree, but without belonging to a church any longer. The faith in general interests me.

Which shapes and colours do you prefer to others?

When I paint on a gold subsurface, I usually use shades of red, because that goes best with gold. With canvas paintings I am relatively open with the colours. But usually I use gold, blue and red.

Which techniques do you prefer?

I use egg tempera, the classical technique of icon painting. The egg emulsifies the oil with water and I paint with it.

Are you otherwise artistically active?

Basically, painting is the most important medium to express myself. Although I also make music - I sing Gregorian chant at the Berlin Choral School. In my studio there is a Blüthner grand piano and a harmonium and I would like to buy an organ. But basically, music is not my main focus. I am also active as a sculptor. Some figures like St. Nicholas, a few monks or holy women I have made myself.

Where do you work?

I work in our house that I bought with my girlfriend a few years ago. We are constantly working on it and new parts are being added. There is not only my studio, but also two chapels where I put my saints and the organ, a refectory and a guest room. In the future we both want to paint here.

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