Experience art, over and over. Create value.

Christian H. Rother

CEO & founder

Maverick with the idea and the passion for art in his blood.

Stephanie N. Rother

Marketing & Corporate Communications

The moodmaker & sparring partner

Daniel Oeter

Project Manager

Accompanies the Blockchain Art Project

Vivian Jung-Loddenkemper

Project Manager

Accompanies several sales and PR projects

Kathrin Payer

Project Manager

Accompanies several marketing projects

Marion Schellenberg

Art Coordinator

Partner Relationships


smart-collectors is our unique way of giving a wide audience access to art - original artworks and objects. Art is at the heart of creation and innovation. Anything humans create is in itself a form of art. It is the core essence of our culture. With smart-collectors, we want to make it possible for society to engage even more intensely with art. Our services allow you to use our rent or rent-to-own model to build your own art collection, define your own style and build wealth though an alternative form of investment.


Christine Rother-Ulrich

Daughter of the art collector Adolf Herkenrath & niece of the artist Peter Herkenrath, Chairwoman of the national gallery association Hesse & Rhineland-Palatinate

Elvira Mann-Winter

Art collector with business training & profound knowledge in art history. Since 2012 2. Chairwoman of the Pro Arte Publica e.V. Club.

Advisory Board

Thilo von Debschitz

Author, designer, creative genius, TedX speaker and founder of the renown Q Kreativgesellschaft mbH

Michael Grande

Former Head of Marketing at Deutsche Lufthansa AG, where he was responsible for brand management, customer loyalty programs and database marketing.

Christine Rother-Ulrich


Partner for communication and design


Filmagentur Rheingau
Partner for film content


Partner for social media analytics


Partner for technical development


Filmemacher Deutschland
Partner für social media Content

Cooperation partners


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