The art of living is living with art

smart-collectors – Your way to your own art collection! Rent art online and bring color to your walls. Select your artwork from our large curated collection. Ordering is easy, the price is transparent. Define your personal style again and again with flexible terms. Enjoy endless joy with your aesthetic investment.

Joyful investment

An investment with emotional added value. Stay connected and always up-to-date on the performance of your art collection. After your chosen lending period you may add the artwork to your art collection. At that point, you still hold an option on the original sales price, even when the value of the artwork appreciated. All previous payments for this artwork will be accredited.

from35 €

The longer the lending period, the lower the monthly instalment

All prices are monthly instalments.
Artworks up to 2000 € start from 35 € per month at a lending period of 18 months.
We have artworks listed up to a value of 50.000€.
No additional shipping costs. Prices are fully transparent.

Careful selection and objective valuation

Each artist and each artwork are screened and selected by us, taking objective criteria into account. The assigned points give you an indication on the potential future performance of the works. The key criteria for us are: professional education, significance of the works and performance of the artist.

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