Your joyful investment

It doesn’t have to be technical, if you want to build your savings. Build your own art collection and watch how the assets may appreciate steadily. Meanwhile enjoy the artworks on your walls around you.


Normally, few people are privileged to have access to reowned artists. You are now privileged as well, as you can have such artworks on your walls too. You are just an affordable subscription fee away from it.

Growing collection

We constantly search for new artists and artworks to grow the collection you can choose from. Hence it is worthwhile to browse our collection regularly. Maybe your next artwork just arrived to our smart-collectors collection, so that you can enjoy it.






Find your first artwork

As individual as yourself

You are moving home, redecorating our just looking for a little more colour on your walls, smart-collectors adjusts flexible to your lifestyle. You choose how long you desire to rent an artwork. 12, 18 or 24 months.

Your own art collection

If you wish to have your artwork in your own art collection, you can easily buy the piece after your holding period. All monthly payments assigned to this artwork will be accredited. And they will be accredited to the original price when you formerly started your holding period.

To the costs

Keep the overview

With your personal account you stay on top of the appreciation of your art collection. Next to your holding periods and the paid monthly installments, you can see the current value of your artwork. With the click of a button you may buy your artwork your schedule an appointment to have the piece picked up again.

Low risk

Due to our careful selection process, we keep your investment risk fairly low. More than 20 years of experience in the art market help us to valuate artists. Our scoring is an indication for you on how the artist may perform in the future.

To Scoring

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