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smart-collectors is more than just an ordinary online shop. On our platform you can build your own art collection. We help you to choose the right works of art and help you to keep track of your collection.

See for yourself how easy it works!


On our platform you will find a large selection of carefully selected artists. Discover a variety of styles, paintings and objects.


At smart-collectors we offer works of art for rent for 12, 18 or 24 months. The longer the term, the cheaper the monthly fee.


A few days after ordering, we deliver your artwork to you. We are also happy to help you with the correct placement.


Every artwork is comprehensively insured so you don’t have to worry while it’s hanging on your wall. All at no extra cost.


If you want to keep a work of art after the rental period, you can change the duration or buy it directly.

As the tenant of the artwork, you only pay the difference between the contributions already paid and the price at the beginning of the rental period. Even if the value has risen in the meantime.

If you decide against the work of art, we will collect it from you.


In order to give you an assessment of the potential of your works even before you buy them, we have developed our own scoring system. Our experienced team asks itself nine questions about each artist in the three categories: Education, work, expressiveness. The rating is not determined once, but is updated regularly.


In your personal login area you can view rental amounts and maturities of your collection and track their performance. In the detailed view you can see how many users have put your works of art on their watch lists. With just a few clicks you can extend your rental period or buy works of art. You can also offer them for rent or sell them here.

Questions and answers

Who can rent works of art?

JEverybody! Both private individuals and companies. Companies can even claim the monthly rental fees for tax purposes.

What kind of art can i find in the collection?

Exclusively originals, both paintings and objects. Primarily contemporary art but also partly classical modern art.

How does it work with my right of first refusal?

The monthly fees depend on the duration of the loan and the current value of the artwork. As soon as the loan agreement is signed, the borrower retains the right of pre-emption for this work up to one month before the end of the loan period. Two months before the end of the rental period, smart-collectors asks the borrower to decide within the next four weeks whether to continue to lend, buy or return the work. If the borrower wants to buy the work of art, he or she buys it at the price agreed in the loan agreement, even if the current value has risen.

How much does shipping cost?

There are no further shipping costs.

What happens if i want to exchange the artwork?

After the loan period, the borrower can return the work of art without any further restrictions. It is not possible to deduct the previously paid rental fees from another work

How is the artwork brought to me?

smart-collectors liefert das Kunstwerk persönlich aus. Nach Absprache vereinbaren wir einen Termin mit dem Leihnehmer und liefern dann entsprechend das Kunstwerk aus.

Who assembles the artwork for me?

smart-collectors is happy to help you with delivery. Otherwise, a nail is also quickly hammered into the wall.

What do i have to consider when dealing with the artwork?

As a general rule, smart-collectors require a species-appropriate approach to art. This means that paintings are not exposed to aggressive sunlight or hung in rooms with high humidity.

Are the works of art insured?

smart-collectors insures all works of art. Thus, the artwork is also insured with the borrower during the loan. If a mishap should occur, the insurance will take effect and a restoration of the artwork will be considered if necessary. It is important to note: Own repair attempts cannot be started.

How does billing work?

At the beginning of the term, a loan agreement is concluded with the borrower. On this basis the monthly fee is to be paid.With Paypal+, direct debit or regular transfer orders, this amount can be easily and conveniently paid to smart-collectors on time.

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