Comprehensive scoring

Our scoring shall help you to choose our right artwork. We ask us nine questions in three categories. Artists can reach up to 90 points with this scoring. The scoring is dynamic and will be adjusted to the performance of the artist. 
Artist we can't identify potential, will not be included into the collection.


Which school did the artist go to?
Was he in a master class?
And which professor trained him?


Which technique and how is he using it?
How does the artist deal with the content and how are the topics processed?
And what is the artist's key feature?


How professionally does the artist work?
What awards or exhibitions has the artist already received?
What do the press and social media report about the artist?

Each 30


Early-Stage Performer

Opportunity with strong potential.

Even an artist, who is still at the very beginning, can already show a great potential. His works are sold at affordable prices. However, their performance is promising.

Scoring Performer

On the way to an established strong performance.

This artist already has some experience with his work and his works are successfully traded. It is likely that his works will continue to rise in value over the next few years.

High Performer

Solid education with profound content and established history.

An artist with this score has enjoyed the education at a major college. In some cases, he was even in the master class of a well-known professor. His work is unique and an integral part of the art market. An increase in value is relatively safe.

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