Transparent costs

The monthly subscription fee for each artwork depends on the current sales price and the holding period of your subscription. After the holding period you have the chance to buy the artwork at the original price once you started the lease with this artwork. In this case we fully accredite your monthly payments you made during this period.

sale price

18 Month

Sample calculation

Monthly subscription35 €
paid subcription fees after the holding period630 €
Your smart-collectors price for
your acquisition afterwards
990 €

No additional

We insure all artworks with our partner Hiscox art insurance.
There are no additional costs for that though. The allocate price is hence always the actual cost per month. 
No more no less.


So that everything reaches you well, we deliver the artworks to you personally. We know how to deliver art and can't wait to support you with placing your artwork in your space. 

Dynamic pricing

We select artists for our collection with great care. Hence it is plausible that their art will rise in value. We do our best to support this of course. 
It is needless to say that this impacts our prices as well. 
However not for those who already lease artworks. In this case the contracted monthly fee stays the same as does the contracted price for the option right. 

0Contract closing0End of contract

Lucrative pricing strategy

The salesprice stays the same throughout your holding period. No matter if the value of the artwork goes through the roof. As lessee you also holding option right. Up to one month prior to the end of contract you are free to decide if you want to keep the artwork. Only after this we will offer it again on our platform to the current price.