Leon Löwentraut

"For me, art means freedom! I want to artistically overcome the limits of time."
The 25-year-old Leon Löwentraut has made a name for himself in the international art world with impressive speed: His art is in demand worldwide - New York, London, Vienna, Venice, Copenhagen - and his exhibition openings are considered spectacular. His works have already been shown at the Kunstforum Wien, the Palazzo Medici Riccardi in Florence, the historic Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana in Venice, the Osthaus Museum in Hagen, the Pushkin Museum in St. Petersburg, and galleries in New York, London, Copenhagen, and Singapore. Leon Löwentraut inspires, irritates, polarizes - the public and the media. He is the face of a young generation of artists who are giving the scene new momentum. The business magazine Forbes chose him among the "30 under 30" (the 30 most important personalities under 30). Incidentally, Löwentraut convinced the Forbes jury not only with his powerful, expressive works, but also with his art actions such as the "Global Goals" and his "Global Gate," one of the largest mobile sculptures in the world, which stood at Frankfurt Airport until May 2021. Both art actions deal with the topic of "sustainability," interpret it artistically and carry it into the world. According to Forbes, this makes the Düsseldorf native one of the young Germans who have achieved outstanding things in 2020 and are working to change society for the better.Löwentraut, who has been painting since the age of 7, lives and works near Düsseldorf. Foto copyright by Adrian Bedoy. (Foto Leon Löwentraut: Copyright by Adrian Bedoy)


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Shootingstar with
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broad and growing collector base, established gallery support and prospect of a great artist career.

When did you start working as an artist?

With 7 years.

Who and what inspires you?

Life, cultures, different people

What materials do you work with and why?

With acrylic because I have no patience for anything else.

Are there colors and shapes you prefer?

Round shapes colors less for that there is too wide a range.

Do you want to say something with your art?

With my forms and expressive representations of people and objects as well as increasingly landscapes, I want to awaken the courage to absolute freedom and foresight in people and animate them to let themselves grow beyond the horizon.

Why did you start working as an artist?

Because I realized very early that nothing fulfills me as much as painting.

Is there something or someone that influences you?

Picasso, Basquiat, Warhol

Which techniques do you prefer?

Brush, squeegee technique, from the tube but mainly brushes

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Where do you work?

In my two studios in Germany and Portugal in the Algarve.

What is important to you in your work? What do you want to achieve in the future?

That it is created absolutely freely and without pressure.
My aim for the future is that I want to hang in the great museums of this world and especially to reach people with my art

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